Ancient Shrine Locations in Dredge

Dredge is a single-player game where players embark on a fishing adventure, but with a darker twist.

As the captain of a fishing trawler, players explore remote islands and their surrounding waters to discover hidden secrets.

Along the way, players can sell their catch, complete quests, and upgrade their boats to explore deeper and more distant areas.

However, players must also be cautious, as there may be unpleasant surprises waiting in the dark.

There are over 125 sea creatures to discover and various unique opportunities, inhabitants, and secrets to uncover.

Players can explore the mysterious archipelago and uncover its troubled past.

In this guide, you’ll learn all of the Ancient Shrine locations in Dredge (Servant of the Shrines Achievement – 4/4).

Ancient Shrine Locations in Dredge

The Ancient Shrine locations in Dredge are north of Greater Marrow, south of Dusty Pontoon, east of Starlight Pontoon, and in the camp in Twisted Strand.

Shrine 1

Ancient Shrine Locations in Dredge

Demands: Cods

Shrine 2

Demands: Rock Crab + Decorator Crab

Shrine 3

Demands: Hammerhead Shark + Ghost Shark + Bronze Whaler + Black Reef Shark

Shrine 4

Demands: Anchovy King OR Rupture Vessel

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