Carrie and Aidan Would Have Ended up Together if She Had Stayed in Therapy

It’s not a secret that Carrie Bradshaw picked the wrong men. Carrie admitted as much in season 2 of Sex and the City. The famed sex columnist even saw a therapist, albeit briefly, for the problem. She quit therapy, returned to Mr. Big, and allowed him to influence her dating life until she finally married him. While Carrie and Mr. Big were happy in the end, we think her life would have looked much different if she had stayed in therapy. As theories that Carrie and Aidan will get back together in And Just Like That… season 2 swirl, we can’t help but wonder if she would have broken up with Aidan in the first place if she had stayed in therapy. 

Carrie Bradshaw sought out a therapist after her breakup with Mr. Big 

Mr. Big and Carrie met by chance on a New York City street. Even their early relationship was all about the chase. The couple was together for about a year when Carrie realized her boyfriend’s commitment issues meant she’d never be happy with him. She dumped him just as they were set to leave for a vacation. It didn’t take long for the couple to get back together, but Mr. Big’s commitment issues once again ended their relationship. 

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