Check Fuel Rates In Your City Here

Check Fuel Rates In Your City Here

Petrol And Diesel Prices For April 14: Check Fuel Rates In Your City Here. (Representative image: IANS)

In Delhi, petrol is valued at Rs 96.65 per litre, while diesel costs Rs 89.82 per litre

Fuel prices changed in some Indian cities on Saturday, April 15. Petrol and diesel rates are revised at 6 am every day by the oil marketing companies (OMCs). The nationwide fuel prices remained largely steady as global crude prices rose on the back of OPEC+ tightening demand and lower Russian output. Investors are focusing on the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) monthly, set to be released today, to gain more clarity about global demand and supply.

A big change is domestic fuel prices took place on 21 May last year, when finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman cut the excise duty on petrol by Rs 8 per litre and diesel by Rs 6 per litre.

In India, petrol and diesel prices are decided on the basis of several factors such as freight charges, value-added tax (VAT) and local taxes. This leads to the rates being different from state to state.

In Delhi, petrol is valued at Rs 96.65 per litre, while diesel costs Rs 89.82 per litre. In Mumbai, one litre of petrol is being sold at Rs 106.31. The same amount of diesel is being sold at Rs 94.27 per litre.

One litre of petrol in Kolkata is retailing at Rs 106.03. On the other hand, diesel costs Rs 92.76 per litre. In Chennai, petrol is available at Rs 102.63 per litre, while one litre of diesel costs Rs 94.24 per litre.

Take a look at the fuel prices in major Indian cities today, April 15:


Petrol: Rs 96.65 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.82 per litre


Petrol: Rs 106.31 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.27 per litre


Petrol: Rs 102.63 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.24 per litre


Petrol: Rs 106.03 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.76 per litre


Petrol: Rs 101.94 per litre

Diesel: Rs 87.89 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.54 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.73 per litre


Petrol: Rs 109.66 per litre

Diesel: Rs 97.82 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.77 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.94 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.58 per litre

Diesel: Rs 89.75 per litre


Petrol: Rs 107.24 per litre

Diesel: Rs 94.04 per litre


Petrol: Rs 108.65 per litre

Diesel: Rs 93.90 per litre


Petrol: Rs 96.55 per litre

Diesel: Rs 92.30 per litre


Petrol: Rs 97.16 per litre

Diesel: Rs 88.69 per litre


Petrol: Rs 109.42 per litre

Diesel: Rs 98.24 per litre.

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