Chinese Adult Movies that you can watch this spring 2023

Chinese adult movies have their own separate fanbase. Here we are gonna be counting down some of the best movies that you can watch alone at night.

Best Chinese Adult movies

The Wayward Cloud

Chinese Adult Movies that you can watch this spring 2023

Out of all Chinese adult movies this one is based on Taiwanese pornography, the movie is filled with sexual scenes along with dark humour and weird musical pieces. It shows Taipei suffering from drought, people are advised to keep themselves hydrated through watermelons. It is directed by Tsai Ming-liang. 

Naked Killer

Top Chinese Adult Movies

An erotic thriller about a lesbian relationship. It shows Chingmy Yau portraying the role of a dangerous assassin who fell in love with another female killer that kills psychos and rapists. The movie became a box office hit with Yau getting a nomination for Best Actress in Hong Kong Film Awards in 1993. If you are looking for Chinese adult movies with kick-ass action then this can be your new favourite. 

Crazy Love

Best Chinese Adult Movies 2023

Based on revenge, it shows a young girl on the lookout for multiple sexual partners to take revenge on her cheating boyfriend. The movie has many scenes where the leading lady Loletta Lee is undressing while enjoying the process. Her charming face along with sexual scenes makes it one great erotic movie. The movie is directed by Roman Cheung. 

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan

Top Chinese Adult Movies 2023

One of the most controversial movies back in time. Due to its explicit nature, it was released in 1972. There is fewer sex movie with the great plotline. It shows a young girl who is sold to an elite-class brothel. The movie has many sexual scenes including same-sex which makes it highly controversial when the public wasn’t ready for such a genre. It is directed by the famous director Chor Yuen. 

The Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus

This movie was Jackie Chan’s main feature debut and is directed as well as written by Li Han-hsiang. The story is based on the famous part of Ming Dynasty sexual literature’s The Plum in the Golden Vase. It shows the merchant’s wonderful sex life. If you are looking for a great adult chinese movies that has great scenes filled with sex, action and humour then try this one. 

Viva Erotica 

Viva Erotica

A funny take on struggles faced by Category III filmmakers in Hong Kong and is directed by Derek Yee and features Karen Mok and Leslie Cheung. The movie was a masterpiece and earned many nominations for Hong Kong film awards in the same year. 

Pretty Woman 

Pretty Women

No, not the Julia Roberts one but the dark gloomy one. It touches on many dark sensitive topics such as murder, rape and violence in general. The leading lady Veronica Yip became an international success after the movie. Her career paved the path for many young talents who want to work in erotic movies. 

Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery

Again Veronica Yip plays a role of a desperate housewife who hires a gigolo to make her pregnant so that her husband can inherit his family money. The film has many sexual hardcore scenes filled with jealousy and passion. 

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