‘Corrupt parties went to court and got a jolt’: PM Modi’s swipe at Opposition | Latest News India

Taking a swipe at the opposition parties which went to the Supreme Court against agencies, PM Modi on Saturday said corruption and dynasty politics are not different. “Some corrupt parties even went to court so that the accounts of their corruption are not opened. And there they got jhatka,” PM Modi said in Telangana as he laid the foundation of several development projects in Bharat Rashtra Samithi-ruled Telangana. “I feel very sad that many Centre’s projects in Telangana are getting delayed because of the non-co-operation from the state government. I urge the state government to not create obstacles in the development works. Because the people of Telangana are suffering,” PM Modi said.

‘Corrupt parties went to court and got a jolt’: PM Modi’s swipe at Opposition | Latest News India
Corrupt parties went to court and got a jolt: PM Modi’s swipe at Opposition

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“We are committed to development work. But a handful of people have become hassled seeing our development work. They have no interest in the country’s development. They only see the family’s benefit. Telangana must remain very careful of these people,” PM Modi said.

“Corruption and dynasty politics are not different because bhai-bhatijavad starts corruption. They want to control everything. They don’t like any challenge to their control,” PM Modi said in Telangana.

“They have three motives: One, their family can rule; second, all corruption money comes to their family and third, the money meant for the poor enters their corrupt ecosystem. But today, Modi has ended it all,” PM Modi said.

“Telangana people, tell me should we not take action against corruption? These parties have now been shaken up. Some parties even went to the court seeking protection for their corruption, but the court gave them a blow,” PM Modi said.

14 opposition parties went to Supreme Court against the misuse of CBI and ED by the government. The top court refused to entertain the petition and said political leaders can’t claim a higher immunity than ordinary citizens.

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