Holistic Nutritionist Shares Guidelines For Healthy And Safe Diet

Everyone should focus on eating and minimising the intake of ultra-processed foods.

Importance of a healthy and safe diet: To lose weight, many people opt for hypo-caloric diets (deficient in calories) or only liquid diets, which results in severe nutritional deficiencies that make you weak and risk major health issues. This mainly comes from online influencers or people who have a vast following. Therefore, Holistic Nutritionist Azhar Ali Sayed, the Best-Selling Author of Eat your Cake Lose your Weight, asks only to take nutrition advice from qualified professionals.

Keto Diet

Following diets which eliminate food groups is also risky and not sustainable. A Keto diet, where all types of grains, cereals and a few fruits are eliminated, makes it challenging to meet micronutrient requirements and dietary fibre, leading to constipation and other gut health issues. In addition, ketone bodies are acidic; hence it could result in other health issues for people with high uric acid levels or GOUT.

Daily Protein Requirements

  1. Proteins are the king of nutrients, and a healthy diet should ensure that you meet your daily protein requirements.
  2. But unfortunately, almost 90% of our population isn’t aware of their daily protein requirements.
  3. Lack of sufficient proteins can lead to weakness, fatigue, hair fall, muscle wasting, delayed recovery and other health concerns.

People With Diabetes

Also, for people with diabetes, if it is not done under an expert’s guidance, there could be a risk of hypoglycaemia (deficient sugar levels). Moreover, gaps of long hours can instead backfire as this leads to significant cravings and hunger pangs, and you end up eating way more than what you would have otherwise eaten with a few small snacks in between.


All in all, everyone needs to understand there is no one size fits and that everyone has different nutritional requirements. However, having a balanced diet with sufficient amounts of protein, dietary fibre, and healthy fats is the bare minimum. In addition, everyone should focus on eating and minimising the intake of ultra-processed foods.

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