How Can You Protect Seniors From Winter Cold?

Last Updated: January 23, 2023, 21:35 IST

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Winter can provide certain difficulties and health dangers, particularly for the elderly.

Elderly people are more likely to experience hypothermia, a condition in which the body loses heat more quickly than it can create

The winter season can be a little challenging and pose health-related risks, especially for the elderly who are more vulnerable to injuries and illnesses due to low immunity. The elderly are more prone to hypothermia, in which case, the body temperature decreases by losing heat faster than it can produce. Winter also means the expansion of the tissue which causes swelling and pain in the joint. So here are a few ways you can take care of the senior ones at your home.

Help them stay warm

Make sure they wear warm clothes. Cover up their body with woollen clothes, gloves, socks, mufflers, caps and anything that helps in keeping the body warm. Do not wait till they start to shiver. As old people have low immunity, they are more susceptible to falling sick.

Keep them physically active

All of us like to curl up in our blankets and stay inside it all day long when the weather is chilly. But, just like us, it is extremely essential for the elderly to stay active too to avoid lethargy, stiffness and pain. It is a good idea to get them indulge in Yoga, walking or low-intensity exercises. This will regulate blood flow and keep them energetic throughout the day as well. It will also help strengthen their immune system to fight against flu and colds.

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Shower with lukewarm water

Your old parents may face swelling in their joints, a lukewarm shower can help them get relief. While hot showers may sound tempting, these can cause skin problems and leave the skin dehydrated. After shower, make sure they follow it up with dollops of cream/moisturizer on the skin to keep it hydrated.

Drink water

We all feel less thirsty in winter which often leads to reduced water intake. Our body gets dehydrated due to this. Make sure everyone drinks enough water to flush out toxins from the body. In winter, you can urge your parents and grandparents to drink lukewarm water instead of room-temperature or hot water. They can also sip on green tea, ginger water, or lemon water throughout the day.

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Balanced nutrition

Include whole grains, lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. Increase the Vitamin C intake along with Vitamin D. Include cashews, anjeer, walnuts, and pistachios in the daily diet.

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