Kerala college students break taboo surrounding sex education

According to Thapasaya M, a final year BA Political Science student, the session helped them in clarifying a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex, especially those relating to masturbation and virginity.

“Sex is not a dirty word, but an integral part of an individual’s healthy living,” Thapasya told PTI.

Her view was also shared by Maya, a second year Geology student, who felt the session connected well with the current generation. “I never had sex education in my school. Today, I learned that there is nothing to be ashamed about sex. It’s something that should be understood with responsibility and respect,” she said.

Sheeba S, assistant professor, Zoology and NSS programme officer, said internet porn has become the de facto sex education for most youngsters.

“Learning about sex from porn can give you distorted and exaggerated ideas about sex, which is why providing the younger generation with medically accurate sexuality education is so important,” Sheeba told PTI.

Titled ‘Eat, Play, Love, responsibly’, the session explored the link between food and fitness on sexual health, through interactive sessions, Powerpoint presentations and contests.

“Nearly 80 per cent of sexual difficulties can be addressed easily without any medication or medical intervention, if you have just the right information,” said Sebastian.

“And that’s what we are providing through our campaign. Our campaign module has been vetted by a team of top doctors from India and the US, including Dr Lawrence I Sank, one of the most cited sex researchers on male sexual dysfunctions in the world,” Sebastian further said.

He hoped that in the coming months, the campaign would be expanded to campuses across the state.

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