Looking to get Hailey Bieber’s bob? A celebrity stylist reveals exactly what to ask for in the salon

Looking to get Hailey Bieber’s bob? A celebrity stylist reveals exactly what to ask for in the salon

How to get Hailey Bieber’s box bobGetty Images

If you pray at the beauty altar of Hailey Bieber then there is a good chance you’re thinking about getting the chop. But hold your horses my friend, because before you jump into the hairdresser’s hot seat, it’s a good idea to make sure you know exactly what to ask for. After all, you don’t want to end up sobbing into your scarf on the way home and swearing off your stylist for the foreseeable, right?

We tapped up celebrity stylist Syd Hayes who reveals everything you need to know before marching into the salon, armed with the latest pics of HB.

How to get the Hailey Beiber box bob

‘This looks super flattering as it’s been cut just above the shoulders so there’s still some skin and neck on show which makes it cooler. It’s great for accentuating your bone structure too thanks to the lack of graduation and layers throughout. A modern take on a classic style, says Syd.

‘Ask your hairdresser for a box bob – short and sharp but super flattering. Its great to see a classic sharp shape – Something striking and less about the layers and more about
straight lines and angles! It really is a power Haircut. The blunt cut makes hair look fuller and thicker which is exactly what you want for a shorter haircut,’ he adds.

How to style the Hailey Bieber box bob

There’s something cool and grungy and about Hailey’s new do, which Hayes says is easy to recreate with the right products.

Here’s a step by step guide.

1/ Reach for straighteners

‘To create this look I’d recommend running the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straightener lightly over your locks to seal the cuticle and weather-proof to stop frizz and flyaways. Finish with the Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Spray to add some grittiness to the finish,’

2/ Add grit to create texture

‘When it comes to a box bob, you don’t want your hair to sit flat. Add some grit and volume with the Hair By Sam McKnight Cool Girl Super Lift Root Boost to prep the hair, blowdrying it in for full effect.

3/ Don’t forget volume

‘Then create added lift and volume using the BaByliss Hydro-Fusion 4-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush, focusing on the crown of the head for lift. With a unique bristle configuration that uses two lengths of bristle, the BaByliss brush effortlessly picks up hair and smoothes it while simultaneously releasing hair as soon as it is styled to ensure maximum results and minimum styling time. Plus, the bristles are rigid to prevent tugging or tangles, making the whole experience seamless from root to tip and the perfect partnering tool when it comes to creating volume in the fringe.’

4/ Finish with a diffuser

inally, Hayes adds that ‘a diffuser can be your best friend for a curly bob too if you want to try something different to how Hayley is wearing this look. Try the BaByliss Hydro Fusion Hair Dryer is perfect for this.’

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