MCG to redevelop 32 waste dumping points across city, use them for advertising to raise revenue

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has decided to redevelop 32 designated secondary waste dumping points across the city in order to ensure only segregated waste is dumped there. The civic body will also build walls at these dumping points and lease them to advertisers, which will raise revenue to improve sanitation infrastructure, said officials.

PC Meena, MCG commissioner, said, “We have told the concessionaire to collect waste every three hours from these spots and ensure the area is clean and cleared. Our teams will keep a check on waste dumping and will ensure no mixed waste is dumped that can cause foul smell. Also, tractors, rickshaws and vans collecting waste from primary points in residential areas will be checked to ensure they segregate waste properly,” he said.

The decision was taken after many commuters and residents complained about foul smell at these spots. Officials said they have been receiving more than 200 complaints every month from residents who live near these spots that unidentified people dump waste without segregation.

The civic body will convert the dumping points from open spaces to buildings, said officials. CCTV cameras will be installed at each building to ensure that anybody who dumps unsegregated waste at the spot is identified. Next, the walls will be given over to advertisers for a fee. This revenue will be used to improve sanitation infrastructure across the city as well as hire more contractual workers, said officials. These measures will be enacted by the end of March, said officials.

The MCG commissioner has directed the engineering wing to submit the project cost estimate and report so that funds can be allocated for construction.

Secondary waste points are places where waste is dumped and collected by the concessionaire after checking for segregation before sending it to the landfill. Waste from residential and commercial areas is dumped at these designated sites, said officials.

The MCG’s sanitation wing has been actively removing garbage dump spots from across the city to make the city cleaner.

Meena said residents and commuters who spot waste lying in the open should call the MCG’s toll-free number — 18001025952 and 14420 — to register complaints. “The residents can also call if waste is not picked up from their areas and garbage piles up. We will act on complaints within 24 hours,” he said.

MCG joint commissioner Naresh Kumar said their sanitation teams will also verify with the complainant whether the complaint was resolved. “We have deployed sanitation inspectors who visit the 32 points and submit daily reports regarding the dumping and collection of waste. We are going to start a campaign in February to promote clean habits and importance of civic sanitation. Messages will be given through loudspeakers on vehicles on issues such as waste segregation, open defecation, plastic-free city and the need to keep our surroundings clean,” he said.

However, there are still a few areas in the city where residents are not willing to separate waste, he added. “We are coming up with another plan that will encourage residents to segregate waste,” said Kumar.

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