Meet Gaurav Sanas, Pune Man Who Wants To Make King Of Fruits ‘Affordable’

Meet Gaurav Sanas, Pune Man Who Wants To Make King Of Fruits ‘Affordable’

Sanas claimed his family’s outlet is the first to sell mangos on EMI in the whole country. (Representative image)

Alphonso or ‘Hapus’ mangoes from Devgad and Ratnagiri in the state’s Konkan region are currently being sold at Rs 800 to 1300 per dozen in the retail market.

Mangoes and summer season are synonyms of each other. With the onset of summers, mango lovers start looking for the juicy mangoes but good quality mangoes are high-priced in the beginning. Likewise, Hapus mangoes come in the category of very high quality mangoes and they are sold at a very high price when first arrived at the market.

This is the reason, it restrict mango lovers to purchase it or to pay more money to enjoy it. To solve this problem, a mango trader from Pune has come up with new idea to sell them at EMI. It may be difficult for the people to believe this but it is true.

This idea is the brainchild of a businessman Gaurav Sanas who made these mangoes available to mango lovers without worrying for the sky-rocketed price. Now, people who are fond of mangoes can enjoy the mangoes and can pay for them later.

This businessman from Pune is selling mangoes on EMI and for this, he has also tied up with Paytm. Gaurav Sanas is in the business of selling mangoes since last twelve years. He has a shop in Anand Nagar area on Suncity Road, Pune. This year he introduced a new idea in his business of selling mangoes on EMIs. He made available naturally grown Deogarh Hapus mangoes to the customers by this scheme.

How did this idea struck his mind?

On the question of how this idea struck his mind, this businessman Gaurav Sanas said that people were suffering through lesser income during Covid days and their salary was reduced. Many people even did not even have money to buy mangoes. It was such a time when people couldn’t purchase mangoes even on the insistence of their children, and they were able to buy only 4-5 mangoes. This made me to think in a different way. So, he had discussed this issue with Paytm at that time which helped him to provide EMI facility to his customers.

Debit/Credit cards are mandatory to avail this facility

Some conditions are applied for the customers who want to buy Hapus Mango on EMI. First, a person will need a bank debit or credit card. Then, this concerned bank gives installments to the customer for 3 to 12 months. This scheme is getting successful as some customers have also bought mangoes through the help of this scheme. For example, a customer has bought mangoes worth 30 thousand and he will have to pay an installment of Rs 2500 per month for one year from now.

What is the procedure to avail this facility?

This EMI facility is easy for the credit card holders. Currently, Sanas has a modern Paytm swipe machine. To choose this option, first swipe the credit card on this machine, then choose the option of EMI. After this, the option of EMI is available on the screen of the machine itself. You have to choose the option of 3 months, 6 or 12 months. Depending on the period, some amount is also deducted as interest. This facility is available even with the debit card. But, the bank will check the eligibility of the customers. Bajaj finance company doesn’t provide EMI facility for such things.

What is the customer’s feedback?

People have been in the habit of purchasing expensive household items like mobile TV, fridge etc. on EMI but a shopkeeper in Pune has made Hapus mangoes available on installments, which has brought relief to the customer. Customers are very happy because mango’s prices won’t hamper their taste during summers.

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