Podcast: Opening farmers’ eyes to agritech

Co-founder of Abelusi, Samkelo Booi, believes that while agritech is not a silver bullet, it has the potential to be a game-changer for developing farmers in Mzansi.

In this episode of Farmer’s Inside Track, Booi shares his insights on more information about their agritech start-up, which offers the first community-based livestock management and marketplace that is customised to alleviate the challenges faced by smallholder farmers.

Picture-perfect objectives for farmers

Abelusi’s primary objective is to provide the farmer with the foundational elements necessary to be successful in commercial endeavours.

“I also feel like there are a lot of these technologies available in the market, but they are so expensive and there is no way smallholder farmers or other farmers would want to invest in such technology without knowing what is a true intended investment when it comes to these type of solutions.”

Before farmers start investing in technology, they need to truly look at what value this technology offers to their enterprises. Booi explains that they should consider the matter from the perspective of both its value and the question of how the farmers might make better use of the instruments at their disposal.

“The reason why we started Abelusi … we saw that from a technology perspective there’s a lot of technologies out there, but they’re not really contextualised or relevant to smallholder and small-scale farmers because the price of the technologies, and also the different complexities that come with using the technology.”

Booi believes that there is a significant gap in the types of solutions that are tailored to smallholder-oriented solutions and concerns.

In this episode, Booi discusses:

  • The importance of using technology and why it’s vital for one’s particular line of work;
  • Abelusi has exciting innovations to come; and
  • How the government invests in cattle enterprises by funding the purchase of high-quality bulls

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