Simon Pearson from The Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology Talks Agtech Solutions on a Global Scale

Simon Pearson

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On this episode of Voices of the Valley, Simon Pearson, Founding Director of The Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology, shares insight into how aiming for lofty heights gives a better perspective on potential solutions to agriculture’s workforce challenges.

“We started with the hard problem – a bit like a moonshot – and then as we actually did that work we sort of went ‘Hmmmm, hang on a minute, there’s a few low-lying opportunities here,’” he says.

Pearson discusses how the challenges that growers face in the United States are in line with those that growers in the United Kingdom are navigating. Much like the producers in the U.S., technology in the U.K. may hold the key to solutions in the form of robotics, AI and automation.

Listen now to hear how Pearson and the Lincoln Institute of Agri-Food Technology are working on solutions for “big engineering problems on a global scale.”

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