State Supreme Court rejects Oakland A’s legal challenge over metal waste near proposed ballpark site

The state Supreme Court rejected the Oakland Athletics’ appeal Wednesday that sought to require a metal-shredding company near the site of the team’s proposed new ballpark to reclassify its residue as hazardous waste and stop depositing it in landfills.

Schnitzer Steel’s recycling center, at 1101 Embarcadero West, is next to Howard Terminal, where the A’s have a $12 billion plan to build a privately financed stadium, as well as housing and offices, to replace their current home at the Oakland Coliseum. For decades, Schnitzer has been converting junked autos, appliances and other scrap metal into recyclables and non-recyclable waste. The millions of tons of metals, plastics and other residue contain substances such as lead, cadmium, copper and zinc at levels the courts have described as potentially dangerous.

But the state Department of Toxic Substances Control has concluded that Schnitzer has reduced the likelihood of environmental contamination by mixing its wastes with silicates, water and cement. The department has allowed the company to transport the residue to landfills, where it is placed on top of the soil and used as cover.

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