This house in Britain housed a secret 400-year-old painting, United Kingdom

This house in Britain housed a secret 400-year-old painting

Budworth added that initially they thought that it was a Victorian wallpaper, but it was way beyond how old he thought. The newly exposed frieze depicts a Biblical scene in which a man in a cage is pulled along by an angel. The painting also depicts a man in a white cart who, according to Budworth, seems like he’s riding to the kingdom of heaven.

Just after the discovery, Budworth contacted Historic England, which is a public body that looks after the country’s historic environment. Reportedly, a representative was then sent to survey the artwork and take some detailed professional photographs.

Budworth further added that the wall paintings pre-date the flat itself, explaining that the artwork was carried out on a wall of a building that no longer exists. In short, the building was built around an existing wall.

In short, the paintings are believed to have been created between 1635 (when ‘Emblems’ was written) and 1700 (when such artwork fell out of fashion).

A man renovating his kitchen turned into a surprising event, when he discovered hidden paintings that are 400 years old.

He discovered the paintings on the wall behind the old cupboards. As per the reports, the mural of national significance was found inside the home of Luke Budworth in Micklegate in York, North Yorkshire. If reports are to go by, the friezes inside his flat date back to 1660.

Interestingly, more paintings were also discovered below the ceiling on both sides of the chimney.

The old city of York is encircled by an ancient wall and Budworth’s apartment, which he bought in October 2020. The apartment, which sits above a cafe and a charity book shop, is part of a Grade II listed Georgian building dating back to 1747.

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