‘Time to go home?’ Indian techie urges others to return to India after layoffs at Google, Amazon, Meta

 The tech industry continues to feel the effects of the ongoing mass layoffs. Tech giants like Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft have announced layoffs in the past couple of months, leaving many tech employees without jobs. In the wake of these layoffs, a Meta employee has proposed fellow techies to move back to India. The employee argues that now is the perfect time for tech professionals to return home, where their work could lead to some real impact.
An employee from Meta, posted on Blind – a professional community for verified users – calling for Indian tech workers to return home in light of ongoing layoffs. The employee argued that the layoffs demonstrate the redundancy of their jobs.
In his post, the Meta employee said, “I was someone who was really looking forward to just staying and working in the US for as long as possible. The layoffs are making me very seriously reconsider that. FAANG is laying off 10k+ and working with minimum to no disruption to regular function, making me question how redundant we all are.”
The employee expressed that even if a worker is not laid off, the stress causes a ‘terrible drop in morale’. Talking in favour of the Indian tech sector, he said, “Founders and early employees back in India are solving real problems, building brands and having so much impact.”
Visa Struggles

A significant number of Indian employees in the IT sector are H-1B and L1 visa holders. Many of them are struggling to retain their visa by getting a job in the US. According to a report by PTI, over 30 to 40 per cent of the Indian IT professionals have been laid off in the US. H-1B Visa is one of the most popular options among Indian employees in the tech sector. In the event of a layoff, the employee will have to seek another employer who will be willing to sponsor their H-1B Visa. The entire process is time-bound and causes a lot of stress among laid-off employees

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