Twitter User Shares His “Ammas Plate” And The Special Story Behind It

Growing up, we all get attached to a lot of things that remind us of our home. From the aroma of the homely khichdi to the comforting chicken curry, these foods are infused with the right amounts of flavour and love that we often long for. No matter how much junk food we indulge in, there is something special about home-cooked food. Sometimes, it is not just the food but also the cutlery that get associated with someone and evoke nostalgia whenever we look at them.

A Twitter user has shared a photo of a plate, which may look ordinary but has a heartwarming story behind it. Posting the picture of the steel plate he wrote, “This is Amma’s plate.. she used to eat in this for the past 2 decades. it’s a small plate.. she allowed me and chulbuli (Sruthi, my niece) to eat in this other than her.”

He added that it was only after her mother’s demise that he learned from his sister that the plate was a prize he won in 7th standard in 1999.

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“All these 24 years she had eaten food from this plate which was won by me… How sweet know… And she didn’t even tell me this maaaaaa miss you maa,” the tweet read.

The post went viral and left many misty-eyed on the Internet.

“Heart-touching mate!!! be strong…Parents are precious and due to our modern lifestyle, we hardly get time to spare!!!” a user wrote.

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“Just while reading your tweet my eyes get tears, bro. Don’t cry so much because you are a Proud son of your mom, Her love & blessings always be with you,” a comment read.

One user said, “For the past 5-6 years I’m using a plate which is a prize won by me”.

So, do you own such a thing that is special for you?

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