“We’re Not Going To Make Our Children Whores”.

There are many great time travel movies, probably the highest grossing wingbuster was James Cameron’s ‘Terminator 2,’ but ‘Back to the Future’ It is possibly the most iconic in history., and the fact that it’s still one of the highest grossers is quite an achievement, considering it’s nearly 40 years old. However, it never had a sequel.

With a collection of 383 million, it is one of the most profitable in history, and has far outpaced inflation in that time. In fact, if it fits, This figure is more than one billion dollars., It is also the most voted on IMDb page. and it’s not to mention that it’s The most iconic time machine in the history of the genre– A winged Dororian powered by plutonium-powered flux capacitors.

As with the first film, the next two films were also box office hits, with II grossing $332 million and III grossing $245 million, making it a billion-dollar franchise. Why were there never more sequels or remakes? Screenwriter Bob Gale has admitted in an interview that he does not want to revive the sci-fi franchise, despite being offered “a lot of money” to do so.

“If it was about the money, we’d be doing ‘Back to the Future Part IV.’ Where you just say, ‘Oh my god, leave him alone.’”


Gayle understands that once in a lifetime moments are not easy to replicate, such as The big graduation scene where Michael J. fox plays guitar, which was a time of great pressure for the actor. In an interview with Empire magazine, he said:

“When I did the Johnny B. Goode scene, I had a great guitar teacher who taught me to play. I told Bob (Zemeckis) to cut off my hands whenever he wanted, but he insisted on doing it the right way. The pressure put in. So I had this guy named Paul Hanson as a teacher, for about four weeks we worked on this piece and at the same time I was working with this choreographer for Madonna.

“I said, ‘I dance like a duck. I don’t know how to dance.’ Windmill or Stroll Chuck Berry Duck. And we worked through them all, and he made it flow. It was the moments when you don’t think, or I’m tired, or I feel pressured to do it. You just Do it and have fun.”

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